MEET Bella

Bella, as she prefers to be called, is an extremely outgoing young lady with an infectious laugh. She is very active and loves having lots of things to do. She particularly seems to enjoy outdoor activities which includes jumping on the trampoline, hiking, playing in the river and looking for and/or climbing on rocks and swinging. She excels at gymnastics and would love having the opportunity to take classes again. Bella also has a musical side and was receiving some informal guitar lessons. She has also started writing some music and enjoys singing. Some of her favorite musical artists are Lauren Degel and Jeremy Camp. She has made up her own dance routines to the music. In the past Bella enjoyed dance and Tae Kwon Do classes. Bella also likes some indoor activities as well such as coloring, arts and craft projects and video games. Bella enjoys socializing and likes to chat online or talk on the phone with friends. Bella loves having lots of attention and would enjoy being in a household as an only child or with limited older siblings. Bella’s faith is important to her and she would enjoy having a family that attends church.

Adoption Specialist:
Joli LaRoche, MSW