MEET Cameron


About Cameron:
Cameron is a very smart, intelligent young man. He is very respectful and has goals. He is musically inclined and loves music. He can play the piano, keyboard, drums and trumpet very well, and can sing. He is in the ROTC at school. His grades are very good. He loves pizza, hamburgers, and cakes. He likes to play basketball. He loves to have conversations with people and he is very curious and loves to learn. He has high expectations for himself.

What Others Say About Cameron:
His counselor states “Cameron likes to try new things and likes to travel. He is open to what the future has in store for him.” His foster mother states “He is very helpful around the house and likes things to be organized and clean.”

What You Can Do For Cameron:
Cameron needs a family that will help him reach his goals in life. He has so much potential and needs caring people to help guide him and support him. He needs a family that is patient and one that can see past his initial stand offish demeanor. He does want to be adopted and will be an asset to any family. He prefers a two-parent traditional family or a single mom or dad. He does well with other children and teens. He loves animals.