MEET hunter

Hunter in front of a Christmas tree

Hunter is a young man that enjoys having attention, particularly from adults he trusts. Some of his favorite things to do include playing on the playground, running, swimming, throwing balls with others, catching lightning bugs, digging in the dirt and legos. He also enjoys coloring, playing on the computer, action figures, putting together puzzles and playing any kind of board game. Hunter likes to play with fidget toys and Play doh.

He loves having people read to him. His favorite books currently are Llama llama series and Mickey Mouse. Hunter likes to watch basketball, baseball and football but prefers not to play any kind of sports. Hunter enjoys singing and listening to music. His favorite kinds of music are Kidz Bop and Christian music.

Hunter’s favorite things to watch on television is Paw Patrol, Pokemon and any kind of superhero movie. Hunter would enjoy having a Christian family that enjoys doing things together.