MEET Kayona

Onalee is a highly creative person with a unique style. Onalee prefers to be called KK or Kayona depending the day. She enjoys having an original fashion style and has been known to mix things up. She likes wearing black, combat boots, skulls and crosses or may wear a dress or baggy clothes. She is talented musically and has been writing song lyrics, poems and learning to write music. She received a guitar this year and would like the opportunity to really learn how to play. She absolutely loves animals and has a huge desire to be in a home that has pets and would let her have a dog! Onalee loves various styles of music. She also really likes anime and anything related to wolves. Her favorite foods include salad, pizza and chicken with her all time favorite beverage – Dunkin coffee. Onalee also likes to draw. She has some interest in sports and has played soccer in the past. She has participated in JROTC and enjoyed it. Onalee can be very bubbly and social and has a deep caring side that comes out the more people get to know her. She is looking forward to adoption and having a family she can depend on.