MEET philip


Philip is an inquisitive and social young man that enjoys interacting with people that he knows care about him. One of Philip’s favorite things to do is design and draw floor plans. He has some interest in pursuing a career in architecture. He likes arts and craft activities such as drawing, coloring or decorating things. Philip enjoys cleaning and will often volunteer to help others clean. Philip currently loves all things related to cars and learned that he enjoys going to car shows. He has been working on obtaining his driver’s license. Philip is working a part-time job and is saving up to purchase a car.

Another area of interest is the weather. Philip occasionally plays video games. He likes to dribble the basketball as well as swim, although in general sports really are not his preferred activity. Philip sometimes enjoys hiking. He watches some television and likes funny movies. He enjoys music and his favorite music genres are gospel, rhythm and blues and country. Philip really likes having things to do and especially being outside. He would like to have a Christian family who enjoys doing things together. It is also important for him to have a family that will continue to help him get ready for adulthood and support him in maintaining a job.

Adoption Specialist:
Laurie Cross