MEET Sabrina

Sabrina is a sweet and friendly girl with a warm smile and gorgeous blue eyes. Sabrina is very active and energetic. She prefers to play outside rather than playing inside and likes to run, ride bikes, play basketball and play football. Sabrina also likes camping and walking in the woods. One of Sabrina’s favorite places is Dollywood, and she likes riding all of the rides, even the roller coasters! When she can’t be outside, Sabrina enjoys drawing and coloring. She also enjoys watching television. Her favorite shows are Doc McStuffins, Hello Kitty, and anything on the Disney Channel. Sabrina loves to sing! Her favorite music is Christian and Country music. When Sabrina talks about going to church, her whole face lights up! She loves going to church, and it is important to her to find a forever family that goes to church regularly. Sabrina enjoys playing with other children and would love to have a sister her age or older to grow up with.