MEET Alexis

Alexis is a happy child who enjoys participating in a wide range of playful activities throughout her day. These activities include and are not limited to, playing with dolls, singing, drawing and coloring. When asked about her hobbies, she will describe her particular interest in sewing, dancing, and baking.

portrait of Alexis

Alexis has shown that she is persistent, often requesting additional opportunities to work in areas in which she is struggling. She shared that she LOVES pizza and hopes it can be on dinner menus in her new home.

Alexis dreams of a family with a mom and a dad, and at least one other child she can get to know and spend time with. She often speaks of hanging with her family on the porch and playing with them in the backyard. Alexis will do well in a family that can be patient and present for her, as well as provide sufficient structure and guidance as she continues to develop her independence.