Equipping staff to provide individualized and research-based support.

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GuideTree® is the expert resource created from more than 30 years of experience, data and science that equips staff to deliver individualized and research-based support to youth, young adults and families.

This system is incorporated into our core program models, LifeSet, Intercept, foster care, and residential services, combining all of our expertise. Guidetree can also be utilized by other organizations to enhance their own programs and services.

If you are interested in learning more about how GuideTree can enhance your organization’s programming, contact us for more information.

What is GuideTree?

For three decades, Youth Villages has evolved our resources, processes and technologies that guide our work to train staff and positively impact the lives of youth, young adults, and families facing significant needs and challenges.

We have taken this scientifically-based approach and have made it available to agencies across the country to integrate into existing programs and services. GuideTree guides staff in a case conceptualization process and provides staff with evidence-based and best practice interventions and tools to improve and individualize services and plans. Licensed Experts help staff choose the most effective intervention and provide ongoing support through reviews and consultations.


How will GuideTree help?

GuideTree helps provide Youth Villages’ staff and partners greater structure, staff support, and clinical guidance through access to Licensed Experts and a toolbox of online resources. The GuideTree Toolbox is regularly updated with the latest innovations and developments in youth, young adult and family interventions and resources in an effort to improve outcomes.


What are the benefits



Unlike some workforce development and intervention training, Licensed Experts provide ongoing, on-the-job case-specific consultation so staff immediately apply what they are learning and genuinely shift how they approach and serve youth, young adults and families. Youth Villages will also train your licensed staff to become a certified GuideTree Licensed Expert expanding your organization’s capacity.


Youth and Family Driven

Each individual youth or young adult being served is at the center of GuideTree. Licensed Experts support front-line staff to identify the underlying drivers of each referral behavior and develop customized service plans and approaches for sessions to support youth, young adults, and families in achieving their goals.


Knowledge and Data

GuideTree features evidence-based and best practice interventions and resources to customize plans and helps monitor and measure for the best possible outcomes. Staff knowledge is built by continuously accessing best practice interventions and resources, receiving detailed guidance on how to use these tools, and participating in Licensed Expert consultation.


Proven Science

While focusing on the youth, young adults, and families, we conceptualize to provide effective best practice strategies. These processes are informed by science to help us deliver the best support we can to youth, young adults and families. We continuously update our tools and interventions as new findings emerge in our industry, bringing our staff the most up-to-date information and resources.