Building a competent and confident workforce to provide high-quality services

Developed from more than 30 years of experience, data and science, GuideTree® is a workforce development and training approach that equips staff to deliver individualized and research-based support to youth, young adults and families.

GuideTree is now available for other organizations across the country to support practitioners in building skills and knowledge to achieve maximum impact for youth and families.

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The GuideTree Service

For three decades, Youth Villages has evolved our scientifically-based  resources, processes and technologies that guide our work to train staff and positively impact the lives of youth, young adults, and families facing significant needs and challenges.

We have taken this workforce development approach and have made it available to agencies across the country to integrate into existing programs and services. The approach navigates staff through learning the case conceptualization process, provides access to evidence-based and best practice interventions and tools, and supports staff with customized coaching, resulting in improved and individualized services and plans.


GuideTree supports high-quality case practice with youth, young adults and families and can be implemented across a variety of programs and organizations.



Staff develop critical thinking skills as they learn case conceptualization. This process teaches staff to assess and evaluate cases using a causal model of behavior to select the most effective clinical interventions.



Unlike some workforce development and intervention training, guidance helps staff build skills to engage youth and families using industry best practices and ongoing training. Staff can immediately apply what they are learning and genuinely shift how they approach and serve youth, young adults, and families.



GuideTree is how staff know what to do when they are working with youth, young adults, and families. Ongoing, customized coaching, paired with self-paced online learning and practice opportunities, supports staff to improve their confidence and competence when implementing interventions in the field.



GuideTree features evidence-based and best practice interventions and resources to customize plans for the best possible outcomes. Staff are able to address over 30 Referral Issues with more than 200 interventions and thousands of unique resources through real-time access to the GuideTree Toolbox.



“…it’s really everything I would want, how everything is so connected. You go into a referral issue and you find yourself easily understanding…the reasoning behind this referral issue being problematic, and then what interventions will help.” –Clinical Therapist, Illinois

“…very user-friendly, very organized, love the structure…everybody picks it up real quick.” –Clinical Therapist, Illinois

“GuideTree has definitely impacted my work in a positive way just because it helps you to figure out what you’re going to do before you actually get there.” Sociotherapist, NYC

“GuideTree has definitely impacted my work in a positive way just because it helps you to figure out what you’re going to do before you actually get there.” –Sociotherapist, NYC

“My experience with GuideTree has really improved my perspective in the field. I think I have a better understanding of how to handle a situation with clients.” -GuideTree User, NYC

“I can go into the online toolbox and learn step by step what the intervention looks like and how it will look in session. [GuideTree] gives me structure and additional resources that I can use.” –GuideTree User, NYC

“It makes me feel more confident, I think, having GuideTree there to look at, especially since…some of the interventions there are evidence-based. They have good outcomes. So, it makes me feel confident that I’m giving you a good resource.”  – Supervisor, NYC

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