Email FAQ

Feb 16, 2023

Is this a legitimate email from Youth Villages?

While scammers may include the Youth Villages name, logo, or events to collect fraudulent donations, there is one easy red flag to watch for in the From field. Emails from Youth Villages will end with or Make sure you see the entire email address before responding. See if you can spot the scams below.

Example #1

email scam screenshot
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Example #2

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Example #3

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Example #4

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Example #5

legitimate email screenshot
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Why does this matter?

Criminals may try to impersonate communications from Youth Villages to trick you into clicking on a dangerous link or attachment that can infect your device with malware, redirect donations to themselves instead of Youth Villages, or steal your personal information.

If you receive an email that claims to be from Youth Villages, but the address in the From field does not end with or, report it as spam and do not click any links or attachments.

Tips to Avoid Fraudulent Messages

  • Look for unusual grammatical, spelling, formatting, or branding mistakes.
  • Be careful with messages that rush you into urgent action. Examples like “your account will be closed in 24 hours unless you click here” or “your donation will be cancelled if you do not click this immediately.”
  • Bookmark important sites in your browser and do not rely on links in emails to get you into your accounts.
  • Don’t click any links or attachments from email addresses, phone numbers, or social media accounts you do not recognize.
    • On mobile devices, long-pressing on a link (AKA previewing) is same as clicking on the link.
    • On a computer, only hover over links if there are no other red flags
  • Report suspicious emails through your Email Service Provider’s Spam button.
  • Report suspicious text messages by forwarding the text message to 7726.
  • Again, if an email looks different from other emails you’ve received from Youth Villages and it does not end with or, do not click any links or attachments.

What next?

We have done all we can to secure our email communications. If you have any cybersecurity related concerns you think we should know about, please let us know through our .