We have countless opportunities for you to give back and get involved with the kids and families of Youth Villages. Strengthen our mission by volunteering with us!

There are various opportunities for volunteers and mentors to work with youth ages 12-21. Residential volunteers can be in their 60s and still make a difference. 

Mentors can spend as little as an hour or as much time per week. We ask that each volunteer be able to give at least one hour per week to our youth.

Individuals who volunteer with Youth Villages should be passionate about giving back to the community and working with children in a nurturing environment.

Other Ways to Get Involved with Youth Villages

We have many other ways you can get involved, including donating to Volunteer For Youth, hosting a crib party, or teaching STEM courses at our Learning Academies.

You can also purchase a Custom License Plate, where you will get to choose the slogan and make your T-Mobile connection.


When kids have a caring, involved adult in their lives, they’re much better prepared for adulthood. Learn about all of the ways you can be a positive force in a child’s life.

What Do the Volunteer and Mentorship Opportunities Offered by Youth Villages Consist Of?

Some of the programs and activities volunteers participate in include:

  • Acting as a positive role model for children who don’t have stable home lives
  • Spending time with children, reading to them, and helping them with their homework
  • Counseling teenagers through difficult or emotional times
  • Cooking with the children or teaching other life skills
  • Helping lead recreation activities for children or teens


We’ve always got something going on—and we want to see you there! Support our cause and attend one of our events.

Corporate Partnerships

Partnering with Youth Villages creates opportunities to increase your employees’ engagement with making a positive change in their communities.