Current Students

Have a career waiting for you when you graduate.

If you are nearing completion of your bachelor’s or master’s degree in a social services discipline, you can begin the application process before you even graduate. You will receive training and professional development starting with your first week on the job.

Bachelor’s Degree Opportunities

If you are graduating this academic year with your bachelor’s degree and are looking for full-time employment, we offer a chance to gain hands-on experience working in the social services field and receive great benefits, advancement opportunities and tuition reimbursement to continue your education all while making a difference in the lives of children and families.


  • Work directly with youth as a Behavioral Youth Counselor
  • Start in one of our Georgia or Tennessee residential treatment facilities
  • Work in one of our community-based programs as a Family Intervention Specialist, Primary Service Coordinator or LifeSet Specialist

At the master’s level, graduate students have the opportunity to:

  • Shadow counselors
  • Assist with clinical assessments and documentation
  • Learn our electronic medical records system
  • Facilitate individual, group and/or family therapy sessions with clinical supervision
  • Participate in treatment team and consultation meetings, as well as receive individual supervision.

At the bachelor’s level, junior- or senior-level students will have the opportunity to:

  • Shadow counselors
  • Assist with clinical assessments and documentation
  • Learn our electronic medical records system
  • Participate in treatment team and consultation meetings

Master’s Degree Opportunities

All your hard work is about to pay off as graduation quickly approaches. If you are planning to complete your master’s degree, you can already begin applying for some of the most meaningful work we do at Youth Villages. Master’s level graduates with clinical or case management experience gained through internships or previous work experience may begin their careers at Youth Villages in a number of programs:

  • Intensive In-home Services – Family Intervention Specialist, Mental Health Therapist or Family Counselor
  • Treatment Foster Care – Foster Care Counselor
  • LifeSet – LifeSet Specialist
  • Specialized Crisis Services – Crisis Counselor
  • Residential Treatment – Residential Master’s Level Counselor
Foster Care Counselor

Opportunities for New Teachers

If you are nearing graduation and majored in education or specialized subject area and will be eligible for licensure upon graduation, you may choose to pursue a Lead Teacher position at Youth Villages instead of a traditional district path.

  • Lead smaller classes of between eight to 15 students with Teacher Assistants
  • Gain experience with behavior management techniques
  • Implement differentiated learning/instruction
  • Gain supervisory skills
  • Have insight and influence into all factors impacting a child’s education
Youth Villages teacher at desk

YV360 Career Development Program for Recent Graduates

Every year we select a cohort of recent graduates for the YV360 Career Development Program, a one-of-a–kind experience that allows you to maximize your potential as a clinician and leader as you emerge as a social services professional. We look for soon-to-be graduates from a bachelor’s program in the social services field who also have a significant amount of leadership experience on campus, in the classroom, or in the workplace, while volunteering and/or internships.

Once selected, you will begin your Youth Villages orientation with a special and elite emphasis on professional, clinical and leadership development.

  • Gain experience in goal setting
  • Network with Youth Villages leadership
  • Engage in group projects
  • Work with a leadership mentor
  • Participate in consultations with clinical leadership

When you apply, ask your recruiting contact about the YV360 Career Development Program for recent graduates.

Youth Villages staff

There’s no better place to begin your career than Youth Villages.