Adoption Requirements and Considerations

To become an adoptive parent through Youth Villages you:

  • can be married, single or divorced.
  • may or may not have other children.
  • can rent or own your home.
  • can work full time.
  • must be at least 25.
  • must be able to meet the financial and emotional needs of your own family.
  • must have an approved adoptive homestudy from a licensed agency (learn more in our
    Frequently Asked Questions).

Essentially, if you are stable and can provide a child with the love, as well as the support he or she needs, you may be a candidate to become an adoptive parent.

Things to think about when considering adoption:

  • Am I secure and satisfied with my life and my family as they are now?
  • Do I have a good support system — friends and family who can help me?
  • Can I be flexible in coping with surprises and unexpected situations?
  • Can I wait for a child to return my love?
  • Can I feel comfortable with the fact that my child may want to talk with me about her biological parents, as well as others who have cared for her in the past?

Adoption Requirements: What You Need to Know

There are specific requirements you have to meet when adopting a child. Each state has specific laws and regulations, but in general, adoptive parents must meet criteria such as being of legal age, in good health, and financially stable. 

Will a Criminal History Prevent Me from Adopting?

No, a criminal history will not prevent you from adopting. However, certain convictions and cautions will prohibit you from being eligible to adopt. These include specified criminal offenses against children and some sex crimes against adults. If you or anyone living in your household has such a conviction or caution, you cannot apply to adopt.


Why Is the Adoption Process So Strict?

Some people may see the requirements as unfair or too difficult to meet. But when you think about it, the conditions are in place to ensure that the child settles in a safe, loving home where they are physically and emotionally safe. 

The method helps to match children with parents who can provide them with a good home. In other words, the requirements are in place to protect the child.

Right now, dozens of Youth Villages kids in Tennessee are looking for adoption, ranging in age from five to 18. Profiles are available for many of the children eligible for adoption.

Please complete this short inquiry form if you are considering adopting a child in our care and our adoption staff will contact you to provide more information.