Logan is a curious young man that loves to help with anything and everything. He enjoys assisting with cleaning and carrying things and takes pride in doing chores well. Logan can be very inquisitive and wants to increase his knowledge. He enjoys spending time talking to adults as well as interacting with peers. He absolutely loves football—especially Clemson football and enjoys discussing this topic endlessly if given a chance.

Logan enjoys eating with some of his favorite foods including pizza, hamburger, macaroni, chicken, green beans and peas. Logan is an early morning person and tends to be quite happy and talkative in the morning. Some of Logan’s favorite activities are playing basketball, football, foosball and pool.

Logan also likes to play with games, video games, Pokemon cards, legos and cars. Logan enjoys some arts and crafts projects but in general likes to do things that allow him to be active. Logan is hoping for active parents that like sports.

Adoption Specialist:
Annette Israel