MEET Sarah


Sarah is a very energetic young lady who enjoys playing basketball more than anything. She likes sports, writing stories, and puzzle books. Her favorite foods are macaroni and cheese and coleslaw. She dislikes spaghetti and broccoli. She enjoys listening to rap and country music. When meeting new people she can be very shy at first, but once she is comfortable around them she can be very talkative. Sarah states that she wants to be a phlebotomist or something in the medical field. She is interactive and engaging in the classroom and loves school. She enjoys spending time with friends at the Boys & Girls Club.

She enjoys arts and crafts. Sarah would do best in a two parent home or with a single mother. She would thrive in a home that can be supportive and structured. Sarah will need a family that can advocate for her educational needs. Sarah would benefit from having seasoned parents who can set boundaries and maintain them once they are set. Sarah is not interested in attending church and needs a family that can be understanding and supportive of that choice. Sarah states that she would prefer to be in a two parent home and be an only child.