MEET zackariah

Zackariah enjoys working with and learning about animal’s safety and wellbeing. He is very avid about the care and the protection of animals. His passion is to be a zoo keeper and to educate others on how to work with and treat animals with care and respect. Another possible career option for Zackariah would be social work. He is very compassionate and loves theatre, singing, dancing, African drumming, and all artistic avenues.

Zackariah would do well with a family in a dual parent household that shows support as well as empathy and is willing to learn and grow with him. Zackariah enjoys the smaller town living and being close to the big city. Zackariah would love to travel and explore new places and is very helpful and outgoing with others and will do well with siblings. Zackariah is very intelligent and enjoys school, he is an avid reader and can share wealth of knowledge on animals and the reasoning to be plastic free.