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Arkansas Intercept Success Story

Oct 27, 2020 | Blog

Sometimes life throws so many challenges and obstacles at a family that both the parents and kids feel like they have nowhere to turn.

That was the situation an Arkansas family faced when their son’s mental health issues and challenging behaviors became too much. The situation had gotten to a point where their son James might have to leave the family for therapeutic foster care or residential services. 

Fortunately, with the help of the Youth Villages Intercept intensive in-home program, the family found a positive path to healing. Intercept is an integrated, trauma-informed approach that offers a variety of evidence-based practices to meet the individualized needs of a family and young person.

Ebony, a Youth Villages specialist, began working with the family in their home, first addressing how James behaved. There was a list of difficult issues. He was physically and verbally aggressive, had low grades at school and too many absences, had negative interactions with adults and classmates. He was depressed.  :

“I saw immediately that James was a great kid,” Ebony said. “He just needed support. As we worked together, things began to change.”

In addition to meeting with his specialist and parents, three times a week at home, James began going to intensive therapy as well, so he’d have continuing support once he completed the Intercept program.

Intercept didn’t just help James, but the entire family. With Ebony’s help, Mom finally arranged mental health services for herself. Mom and Dad also worked with Ebony on finding various resources to support their parenting and communication skills.

They are now able to set expectations for James’ behavior and work together as a team when there is a problem. Now, they are able to talk through issues calmly and find solutions t as a family. All of these changes have helped James be more respectful of his parents and have enabled mom and dad to become more confident in their parenting.

“The individual attention and support made a difference,” mom said. “James has made tremendous  progress at home and at school.”