Teaching Careers

Sep 9, 2020

Youth Villages offers teaching positions with our residential programs in the Memphis, Tenn. metro area, Linden, Tenn., Douglasville, Ga. and Arlington, Mass.

Lead Teacher Positions

If you are nearing graduation and majored in education or a subject area and will be eligible for licensed teacher positions upon graduation or shortly after, then consider applying for a Lead Teacher position at Youth Villages to make an impact in the lives of at-risk youth in residential treatment. If you will not be licensed or studied outside of the education field but are interested in developing a teaching career, consider starting as a Teacher Assistant in our Teacher Development Program.

Benefits of Teaching at Youth Villages:

  • Lead smaller classes of between 8-15 students with Teacher Assistants
  • Gain experience with behavior management techniques
  • Implement Differentiated Learning/Instruction
  • Gain supervisory skills
  • Opportunity to have insight and influence all factors impacting a child’s education

To apply for a Lead Teacher position, please apply for open teacher positions at www.youthvillages.org/jobs.