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Youth Villages stories

Cano family

Father weathers the storm of turmoil to grow closer to children

Jul 14, 2020 | Blog

Juan’s responsibilities were too much. Left to care for three children after their mother left the family and discontinued visitation, he needed support.

The family was spinning out of control. Juan couldn’t control the behavior of his children, especially his 7 year old twins. They would often throw tantrums and physically fight with each other. 

With all this turmoil and instability, Juan began to feel frustrated and hopeless. When the opportunity for Youth Villages’ in-home program Anaya presented itself, he jumped at the chance. 

After an in-home specialist first met with Juan, he felt a tremendous weight lift off his shoulders. Finally, he had someone who was willing to listen and understand his problems. Together, the specialist and family developed a plan to heal using the Collaborative Problem Solving approach. CPS focuses on building skills such as flexibility, frustration tolerance and problem solving, rather than simply motivating kids to behave better. It is proven to reduce challenging behaviors, teach kids the skills they lack and to help them build relationships with the adults in their lives.

The specialist provided support and resources on how to best use the new skills. Juan worked hard to implement the new tools he learned. He felt encouraged when the children’s demeanor and behaviors gradually began to improve.

Juan knows that every day will still bring challenges, but with Youth Villages’ help and a deep desire to be a stronger, caring family, they are prepared for whatever comes their way.