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Youth Villages Specialized Crisis Service staff, Charles Chatman speaking on Channel 5 News

How to nurture your child’s mental health while snowed in

Jan 26, 2024 | Media Coverage

Last week, children across Tennessee were out of school due to snow and ice blanketing the state. At first, the excitement of children playing in the snow is fun. However, for some children and families, time couped up in the home during snowstorms can be challenging.

Last Friday, Charles Chatman from our Specialized Crisis Services (SCS) team went on the WMC-TV (Channel 5) Digital Desk and offered insights and tips on how to help your children’s mental health during inclement weather. Charles also shared that SCS is open for children and families during times/events like we had last week.

Watch the full WMC-TV Channel 5 News interview here.

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