Our Kids

Aug 26, 2020

Youth Villages provides foster care services to children and families with special emotional and behavioral needs. They are between birth and age 18, but most are older than 8. They have been removed from the custody of their parent(s) generally due to neglect, abuse or abandonment. Some have been in foster care for many years while their parents try to resolve problems; others are entering the system for the first time.

As a result of all they have seen, experienced, and had done to them, many of our foster children have difficulties interacting with others and in school. Some suffer from depression and have trouble making friends. Others may have trouble controlling anger and their emotions, following rules or respecting adult authority.

Our foster parents help us help them.

While you provide a safe, stable, and caring place for them to live, our counselors and case workers help these children develop trust, self-esteem, and the emotional skills they’ll need to be successful.

Every child in our care sees a counselor at least once each week. Youth Villages also provides special services to help our foster children do well in school and at home.