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Youth Villages Statement 12-21-2023

We are awaiting official medical reports, including the autopsy, before commenting on anything medically.

We have been and continue to be fully transparent and working with all authorities. Last week, the leaders of our program met with Shona Garner White. We also received a representation letter from Ben Crump earlier this week. Our counsel responded and offered to have a conversation. We are still awaiting his response.

We are fully cooperating with the official investigations. This has included providing surveillance camera footage of the incident to all relevant public safety and health authorities. Due to confidentiality and privacy laws, we do not share surveillance camera footage of our facilities publicly.

Many of the other claims being made continue to be false and inaccurate. We reiterate the following from previous statements (linked here: Dec. 13 and Dec. 1):

  • There were no abusive or otherwise inappropriate interactions directed toward the young person.
  • The young person was brought to the health department by two female staff and was never alone with male staff or asked to undress in front of male staff.
  • Child abuse and neglect are not tolerated under any circumstances. Allegations of abuse or neglect are taken very seriously and reported directly to Child Protective Services. Any allegation is thoroughly investigated by third parties.

We will provide updates when available.