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Oregon staff, Lacey Moon

Staff Spotlight: Lacey Moon | Oregon

Apr 10, 2024 | Blog

Working in just about every area of community-based services and playing many roles in its growth across states has given Lacy Moon the opportunity for professional growth during their five years at Youth Villages. Over this time, Lacy has held many leadership positions and is now moving from a Licensed Program Expert to Assistant Director of Community Based Programs.

Q) What are some highlights of your career path?

I started as an Intercept Specialist in Oklahoma in 2018. I moved to Oregon in 2020 after coming to support the Salem, Oregon office for a couple months as a member of the national Travel Team in 2019. Since joining the Oregon team, I have held several positions including Clinical Supervisor, Regional Supervisor, and most recently Licensed Program Expert. As an LPE, I learned the ins and outs of all of the programs offered across Oregon (Intercept, LifeSet, Independent Living Services and Crisis Services) and have been the LPE for each of these programs. I recently was promoted to Assistant Director of Community Based Programs in Oregon. I am also involved in supporting the Zero Suicide initiative and have facilitated an affinity group for LGBTQ+ staff.

Q) What attracted you to Youth Villages?

The Intercept program! I have a passion for community-based services that support and empower young people and families. This work is imperative for a healthy and strong community. I was personally aligned with Youth Villages’ values and wanted to support young people in foster care. I also was attracted to the many locations across the United States and wanting to eventually move out of the state I was born and raised.

Q) Are you doing what you envisioned?

I never envisioned the amount of leadership opportunities I would have here. I always saw myself as a direct care mental health professional. However, it has been such an honor and amazing experience to be in a position where I am in more of a teaching and supportive role for direct care staff.

Q) How did you learn about the Licensed Program Expert designation and what motivated you to seek your LPE?

I learned about the LPE role through experience with LPE’s over the years as a specialist and clinical supervisor. Several LPEs encouraged me to apply. I was motivated by their encouragement and faith in my abilities and wanted to continue to grow my clinical skills. I was really focused on pushing myself out of my comfort zone and flexing my leadership skills. I have been an LPE for 2.5 years.

Licensed Program Experts provide training and coaching in theory and application of our treatment models and how to effectively implement treatment plans. LPEs ensure the success of the treatment program including weekly telephone consultation, ongoing training to the treatment teams, and providing consultation and training to supervisors and coordinating clinical development of staff with regional supervisor, managers and directors.

Q) What’s been one or two of the most rewarding things about being an LPE?

My ability to train and develop staff’s clinical skills and confidence in implementing fidelity of our programs. There is no better feeling than seeing new staff grow and have moments of belief in themselves that they can do this work and positively impact a young person or family’s life.

Q) Do you believe that to be a successful LPE you need one certain quality?

I don’t believe there is one certain quality to being a successful LPE. People can bring different qualities and skills to this position and if they have the foundational understanding and alignment with Youth Villages’ Values and Mission, they can be successful. The LPE position also has layered support the first year someone is in the role that feels so supportive and with the feedback on skills growth happens quickly.


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