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Youth Villages’ Shelby Oaks office in Memphis provides:

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Anaya Partnernship

Our Shelby Oaks office is home for the Anaya Partnership.

Anaya Partnership,a program of Youth Villages, was created to assist a select group of schools and ministries in the Memphis area, by providing counseling services to their youth and families. The name Anaya comes from a Hebrew word that means “answered prayer. ”It is our hope that we can be part of the solution for families facing problems with their children.

Anaya Partnership services include assessment, family counseling services, and LifeSet, to help young people turning 18 get a good start on adulthood.


    All families referred to the Anaya Partnership receive a thorough assessment to help determine if they can benefit from any of the Anaya services, and if so, which ones. The assessment and all services are free of charge.

    In–Home Counseling Services

    Services are primarily provided in a family’s home for convenience and to gain a better understanding of family dynamics.

    Family intervention specialists typically schedule 2-3 sessions per week with families and are on call for emergencies 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Part of the work also includes maintaining regular contact with the youth’s school and any other supports in the family’s life. All of the services provided by Anaya Partnership are designed to assist individuals and families with achieving their goals and living successfully.

    Family intervention specialists work with families and youth (ages 0-18) to identify the reasons for the challenges and problems they are facing. Specialists then assist families with creating a plan of action to address the behaviors and/or problems, and they help them locate resources and practice new ways of solving problems.

    LifeSet Services

    LifeSet is the bridge to adulthood for young people aged 17 to 22. Founded in Memphis in 1999 with the support of philanthropist Clarence Day and The Day Foundation, LifeSet is the only program proven to have positive impacts in many areas of a young person’s life in a large, randomized controlled trial.

    Specialist meets with the young person every week, helping him or her continue with education, obtain affordable housing, find and keep a job and take care of health needs.

    Contact Info:

    To refer a child or family to the Anaya Partnership, please complete the form below.

    For general inquiries, please email or call 901-252-1270

    Referral Process:

    • Families and/or youth should be notified of the availability of Anaya Partnership services by the referring agency.
    • An assessment will be completed on all referrals to determine appropriate service and level of intensity.
    • Assessments can be completed with representatives of the referring agency present.
    • Specialists will remain in contact with referring agency staff on a regular basis throughout services.