Youth Villages Intercept program model receives well-supported designation from Family First Clearinghouse

Youth Villages offers Intercept through direct services and certified organizations that are licensed to implement the program model. For more information on bringing Intercept to your jurisdiction, email:

Circumstances can overwhelm any family

Problems can come when a child acts out continually at school, causing school suspensions… Opioids prescribed for an injury lead to parental substance use and child neglect… A layoff brings mounting bills and possible eviction… domestic violence… incarceration… hundreds of different issues can throw a family into crisis.

When children are at high risk of entering foster care or have been taken into state custody, Youth Villages Intercept can step in to change a family’s trajectory with intensive support, new parenting and communication skills, and evidence- and strengths-based mental health intervention services.


  • Youth Villages Intercept serves children of any age (infant to age 18) who have serious emotional and behavioral problems or have experienced trauma, including abuse and/or neglect.
  • Prevention services last four to six months.
  • Family reunification services are six to nine months in duration.


“Well-Supported” by IV-E Clearinghouse

Program Model

Rigorous Clinical Studies

How Intercept Works

Clinical Process

We Are A Force For Families®

Intercept is an integrated approach to in-home parent skill development that offers a variety of evidence-based practices to meet the individualized needs of a family and child. Intercept is appropriate for families with children of all ages who have serious emotional and behavioral problems or who have experienced abuse and/or neglect. The program specializes in working with children who are at high risk of entry or re-entry into foster care by helping families retain children in their custody (prevention and reunification).

How does Intercept Work?

Family intervention specialists work intensely with only four to five families at a time, allowing them to focus on meeting a child and family’s individual needs.

  • Family intervention specialists meet with families two to three times each week for sessions in the home that are built around the family’s schedule and convenience. They are on-call 24/7 in case of family emergency.
  • Family intervention specialists address issues with schools, courts and children’s services that can seem overwhelming. They stand with parents at school or legal meetings and advocate for them as multiple expectations and requirements are met.
  • Family intervention specialists work with licensed clinicians to build treatment plans and work step-by-step with the family and child as new parenting techniques are learned and interventions change behavior.

Why is Youth Villages Intercept successful?

Intercept does “whatever it takes” to help children and parents succeed. Specialists bring intensity and focus to a family’s individual challenges.

  • It’s a comprehensive program that includes a therapeutic approach to parenting skills education, school interventions, development of positive peer groups, and extensive help for families and children in accessing community resources and long-term, ongoing support.
  • Family intervention specialists work with both the child and the parents or caregivers to address issues that are impacting the stability of the family.
  • Intercept includes GuideTree, a comprehensive online database of evidence-based interventions and tools that specialists use to identify drivers of behavior and family issues. They consult with licensed clinicians to develop treatment plans that are continually updated as the family’s skills develop and their needs change.
  • Specialists work in teams with a supportive supervision and consultation process.
  • Outcomes are continually tracked and results analyzed to enhance the program model.

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