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Panel of LifeSet staff and youth of Kentucky

Youth Villages Kentucky hosts open house for Lakes region

Apr 23, 2024 | Blog

Youth Villages hosted an open house in Mayfield, Kentucky, for future partners and providers in the Lakes region to learn more about community-based programs.

Program Representative Taylor Shaw led the event and panel discussion.

“I can stand in front of a group and talk for ages about why our programs work, but giving people in the community the opportunity to see the effects for themselves is always impactful,” Shaw said.

The panel also consisted of frontline staff: Chris Key-Scarbrough, clinical supervisor; Will Bryant, LifeSet specialist; and Konor Copeland, family intervention specialist. They provided insight on how prevention programs work with both families and young adults.

LifeSet participants Dylan and Dalton shared their experiences within the child welfare system and accomplishments made during their time in the program, which is geared toward helping foster youth navigate adulthood.

“I learned how to budget and how to be successful in life,” Dylan said. He added that he has plans to use his newfound budgeting skills to save up for an apartment.

When asked how a session typically works, Will said it can vary from shooting basketball with Dylan, to playing video games with Dalton, or simply a car ride to checkup on both young people. Currently, Dylan and Will are working on coping mechanisms and self-regulating skills.

“We talk a lot during the week, so I always check on him to see how those coping skills are working and if he’s utilizing them,” Will said.

Dalton said if he has anything serious going on, Will is always there to guide him through.

LifeSet provides me with extra help when I need it. Setting a budget and building a schedule is important to me.
- Dalton

Currently, Will has helped Dalton fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) so he can enroll in a professional truck driving program in Paducah, Kentucky.

The panel closed with questions and thoughts from audience members.

“I was thrilled to see how our community partners engaged with our panel,” Shaw said.

She also said one of her favorite things about Youth Villages is how much the organization considers the experiences and insights provided by the young adults and families they work with.

“This allows us to continuously improve our services and resources,” Shaw said.

About Kentucky

In collaboration with the DCBS, our services in Kentucky focus on strengthening families to prevent or limit the need for foster care (Intercept) and providing support to youth who turn 18 in foster care on their journey to adulthood (LifeSet). We are currently in 85 counties across the state of Kentucky and help over 200 families and young adults a year.

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