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Did you know that your physical well-being directly impacts your mental health?

Did you know that your physical well-being directly impacts your mental health? For Mental Health Month, we encourage you to join us as we stay on the move! Physical activity can be interpreted in several ways, from active rest to exercising to somatic movements for us to decompress from the stressors of life.

As a national leader in children’s mental and behavioral health, Youth Villages is here to help provide solutions for the youth we serve, their families and the community when it comes to mental health. Tune in this month as we share expert advice on ways to stay active for anyone, anywhere at any time. Join the MOVEment!

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For #MentalHealthMonth, our recreational therapy experts discuss how movement of all kinds can improve the health of your mental state.

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Alaina McIntire
Recreation Therapy Manager
Dr. Alex Barton
Tony Jones
Wellness Coordinator

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Stronger Than You Think Youth Villages
Tune into our podcast, Stronger Than You Think, to listen to stories of perseverance and optimism from our staff and former foster youth as they share their mental health practices. 
Ares was terrified of his abusive biological mother, but one thing he is grateful for is her teaching him the Lord’s Prayer. Ares prayed every night of his childhood and credits his faith with carrying him through hardship and into a successful track career throughout high school and now at North Carolina State University.
Want to hear more powerful stories of resilience? Listen to seasons 1 and 2 of Stronger Than You Think.

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Take a look at how Youth Villages is impacting the youth mental health crisis in America.


Get the facts, support and inspiration you need to boost your outlook below. Make a difference in your self-awareness journey and others by listening, reading, watching and sharing these resources picked by our licensed experts.

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