Volunteer Groups


Volunteering as an individual is certainly rewarding, but you can multiply the positive effect by gathering friends from your church, civic organization, club or neighborhood to work together as volunteers for Youth Villages.

Projects designed for groups are a fun way to give back to your community through work with young people who need positive adult influences. Examples include playing sports or games with our kids, hosting birthday parties, planting flowers and trees and having cookouts on our campuses.

Groups of volunteers are also critical to helping us operate large fundraising events, such as Soup Sunday and the YV5K.

To learn more about getting your company, church, classmates or neighborhood friends involved in volunteer opportunities at Youth Villages, please reach out using the contact information to your right.

The Youth Villages Volunteer Program would like to extend a special thanks to all of our Memphis area volunteer groups who visit our residents on a monthly basis.

Memphis Volunteer Groups

  • Bellevue Baptist Church [Bellevue Loves Memphis]
  • Covenant United Methodist Church
  • Cummins Mid-South
  • Decatur-Trinity Christian Church
  • Downline Ministries
  • Ellendale United Methodist Church
  • FedEx Brand
  • FedEx (GTS)
  • Fullview Baptist Church
  • Germantown Church of Christ
  • Hope Presbyterian Church
  • Journey Christian Church
  • Ladies of Service
  • Laureate Omega
  • Life of Purpose Ministries
  • Memphis Area Runner’s Club
  • Memphis Area Spiritual Life
  • Memphis Master’s Commission
  • Mid-America Baptist Theological Seminary
  • Ministry of the Heart
  • New Hope Christian Church
  • Oak Grove Baptist Church
  • Pfizer
  • Soulfood Ministries
  • The Memphis Church
  • Trinity Baptist Church
  • U.S. Navy

Nashville Area Volunteer Groups

  • Dell, Inc.
  • Global Services
  • HCA
  • Brentwood Academy Girls Dance Team

Volunteer Contact

Start your volunteer journey with our Volunteer Interest Form.

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