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Parental anxiety and COVID-19

Parental anxiety and COVID-19

The consequences of the COVID-19 outbreak are being felt around the world. For many parents, this means having to cope with disrupted education, family illness, loss of household income and much more. Youth Villages clinical consultant Dr. Rebekah Lemmons provides information and tips to parents that may experience anxiety and fear.

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  Tim Goldsmith, Ph.D., is chief clinical officer at Youth Villages, where he directs a staff of clinical specialists who oversee the treatment of more than 23,000 children and youth every year. Youth Villages brings their expertise to you through articles here....

Time in with Dr. Tim: Five ways to talk with teens

  By Tim Goldsmith, Ph.D When children are young, parenting can seem straightforward. We understand what our child needs and can provide for them. But then come the teen years. Our happy child becomes moody, hanging less with family and more with friends, their...

Tween teasing? Or dangerous bullying?

Time in with Dr. Tim All parents have moments when they wish they could consult with an expert. If you have a question about your tween or teen’s behavior, send it to If Dr. Tim and his staff of experts feature your question in a column,...